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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Be active, Optimists!

John Cozzi, Jr., President
Optimist Club of Vancouver, WA
Those who attend district meetings regularly most often return home to tell their fellow Optimist Club members, "We have to add new members."

"Why?" they ask. And as we give our laundry list of reasons like making Honor Club, serving our community better, or because it's what we have to do to continue to exist;  the message is somehow lost, perhaps because they have heard it all before again and again, from the same person.

John Cozzi, President of the Vancouver, WA Optimist Club attended his first district meeting in Hood River last month. It's not surprising that he returned home with a similar message; however, a fresh new perspective gives a slightly different point of view. Here's what John told his club:
"Fresh off of training from the conference in Hood River, I ascertained three major items that both national and locally of what each clubs goals should be focused on. The three goals that were given are growing our clubs active membership, forming committees and fundraising. All three of these goals are the same goals that I mentioned in my induction speech. 
By growing our club with ACTIVE members, we will be able to reach more kids with our help and message. 
Putting committees in place and having people work the committees; will support our ability to help more kids. 
The final goal of fundraising will allow our club to reach more groups and support us in getting our message out to more kids.
I believe that meeting each of these goals is attainable for us to reach with the support of all club members.“Bringing out the best in kids” is not a job but an adventure." 
What a great message for Optimist Club members. Be active. Encourage others to be active. Make a point to bring a first timer with you to every district meeting and then ask them to share what they learned with others. You will be pleasantly surprised at what fresh voice can do to raise the level of enthusiasm in your club.

John's message first appeared in the Van-Guard, 11-7-2011, newsletter editor Steve Enyeart. 

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