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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Earn a banner patch. Make friends for life.

Would this patch look good on your Optimist Club banner? Of course it would; but what will look even better and provide more meaning are the four new members that this patch represents.

From now until June 30, Optimist International is offering the following incentive: Add three (3) Friends of Optimists to your Club roster and you can also add one (1) traditional member at no charge for processing and Optimist International dues between now and September 30, 2012 will be waived for that member.

What a great way to provide a sponsorship to a prospective new member!

Who is a candidate for a Friend of Optimist member? Individuals and businesses who want to support the good projects of the local Optimist Club on their own terms. For a small $100 annual commitment, they can call themselves a Friend of your Optimist Club, and then choose to attend, participate, donate - or not - as the project, idea or inspiration suits them. It's a very passive approach to creating more awareness about the movement we call Optimism.

Don't be shy. Find some more Friends of Optimists today. Earn a banner patch. Make friends for life. Download the Friend of Optimist application form here.

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