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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Larry Blackburn shares his enthusiasm

Gretchen Brown, Co-President, Eagle
Larry Blackburn, Lt. Governor, Zone 7
The Eagle Optimist Club had a visit on Tuesday from Larry Blackburn, Lt. Governor, Zone 7.

Larry was there at the request of co-president Mike Harris to talk about membership.  You see, as a new club, Eagle members wanted some pointers of how to go about asking people to join, how to get more people to meetings and how to  stay enthusiastic about being part of an Optimist Club.

Dare I say those are questions shared by every Optimist Club?

Although it took him a good twenty minutes or more to explain, Larry's advice was simple:

  • Be committed
  • Love what you do
  • Share
Larry explained that talking about all of the great things that the Optimist Club does and can do is the best way to stay enthusiastic. Discovering what the great things are for your community and your club may be a little harder so you have to be committed to the cause; you have to get involved, take on a task and do your best to make it fun for you and for others. 

Next, make sure that you love what you do and others will love it too.  It's easy to love those things we are involved with and committed to. 

Finally, but perhaps most important, is to share. Talk about what you are doing, why you are doing it and ask others to join in your fun. After all, it really is rather selfish to keep the goodness of community service all to yourself. Always give others the chance to join in. Be inclusive.

It should come as no surprise to learn that Larry has earned a fun title in his home club, the Caldwell Optimist Club, where he is affectionately known as the Rah Rah Man.  I think that title fits nicely with his philosophy for living, "To get more out of life, put more into it."  Don't you? 

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