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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An open letter to all Optimist Club members

Dear Optimist:
Isn’t it great to be an Optimist? Aren’t you truly happy that one day, someone thought enough of you to invite you to join an Optimist Club? I know that being an Optimist has been a tremendous blessing to me. It has been great for my heart. What a privilege it is to serve you and all other Optimists as President of Optimist International. Wow!

Chances are that you, too, are an Optimist leader. Congratulations! I think it is awesome that we have the opportunity to lead together this year. Leadership is many things. It is setting the example. It is making decisions. It is building and maintaining a team. Leadership is about listening – with your heart. Leaders are inspiring – with words well delivered, and the silence of fierce determination. Leadership is staying in the arena. I promise you that I will do all of these things every day as your President – and I invite you to do the same.

It is very important that you and I develop new ways of service and membership so that we can attract those we have not yet reached. All of us as Optimists have an investment in this organization and should be a part of the solution. Our growth must be real and sustained. Together we can make this happen. 

I hope that your Club is easy to join and easy to belong to while also providing amazing opportunities to bring about positive change in the youth of your community and in your Members. I urge you to embrace all of the available technology to facilitate meaningful communication. Stay on the lookout for new ways to respond quickly and effectively to our ever-changing and increasingly challenging world.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you face to face so that I can say, “Thanks for all that you do.” I am excited that we are on this journey together. I promise that it will be an exciting year. While we can’t know everything that will happen, we can be assured that in the end, every heart we touch and every life we change will know that Optimists do indeed bring out the best in kids.

Very truly yours,
Danny Rodgers
2010-2011 Optimist International President

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