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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take the risk: Don't be afraid to follow new ideas

Danny Rodgers, Optimist International President 2010-2011 is changing things up. Starting with Parallel District Conferences that bring regions together during the first quarter of his administration, Optimist Club members are being invited to participate in Optimism as never before.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, you have already been invited to share your Optimism as never before by helping us make a dynamic web log of all things that our Optimist Clubs are doing in our communities. Tell us your story and we will publish it.

However, the choice is yours; it has always been yours. 

Have you ever wanted to follow an idea or action that was somewhat different from the norm? Were you afraid to follow for fear of abandonment or ridicule from your group or community? Let me encourage you to take the risk and become the first follower, be the transformational leader. Watch why change relies on the followers and empower yourself to make a difference.

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