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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happiness is membership in an Optimist Club

Wordle: Optimist Club Passion
Are you passionate about your Optimist Club? Is the work that you do as an Optimist Club member and the friendships that you share with other club members a focal point of your life? Then it is possible that you have already realized a very important concept of the nonprofit work and volunteer life:
Optimist Club members are happy because we do what we love and love what we do. 
Sometimes our good intentions get sideswiped. Has this ever happened to you? Perhaps a new member comes along and they have a new idea to contribute or a different way to accomplish a task that you have been doing for years. I've seen some clubs become defensive, ignore the new idea, and generally make everyone uncomfortable. When this happens, remember and promote this thought:
If you support others, they will support you. 
Everyone joins a club for a reason. They might say that they joined to support a friend or a family member or  because they need to join a service club because of work. Some might say they signed up because they are familiar with the work that your club does and want to be involved. The reason behind the reason though is that they want to be happy and they have chosen your Optimist Club to help them find that happiness:
Finding meaning and purpose in life is the key to happiness. 
When we come together as Optimist Clubs we soon discover that there are a great number of people doing really good things in our communities. The unified mission that your Optimist Club shares with approximately 3,000 other Optimist Clubs around the world is energizing. Together we can do so much more to share a positive way of life, to help our kids and communities and to share our happiness and our passion.
Passion is energizing.
Please share your passion for Optimist Clubs every day by talking about what you do, telling positive upbeat stories and asking others to share some happiness with you by joining your Optimist Club.
Your passion and enthusiasm are needed and appreciated.

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