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Saturday, June 19, 2010

My visit to Horseshoe Bend

Meeting new people is part of the fun of being governor of the PNW District - Optimist International.  Being consistently inspired by the actions of  Optimist Clubs is a bonus.

It's not really a surprise to learn that Optimist Clubs do great things for their communities, but the magnitude of their involvement, and level of care and concern is remarkable.  Take the Optimist Club of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho for example.

The Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club was formed in 1993 when a different Jackson (Rocky)was governor.  Many think of them as a football club because they do participate in the Boise Valley Optimist Club football leagues.  However, it would probably be wiser to call them the recreation district for their community.  In addition to football, the Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club sponsors t-ball, baseball, softball, co-ed league softball, and basketball.  They sponsor cheer and dance.  Coordinating that many activities with volunteer leaders and coaches is a big chore and they add to it teaching and inspiring good sportsmanship among the players, coaches and parents.

For seventeen years the Horseshoe Bend Optimist Club has been a force for athletics in their community, but they also sponsor colleges scholarships, share fellowship and arranged outings, inspire leadership in their club and community and are always there to  help when volunteers are needed to further an important cause for the community.  It was such a pleasure to meet President Shelby Miller, Secretary Debra Miller, Treasurer John Williams and other members.  Keep up the great work in your community.  And please, consider coming to a District activity so others can experience your upbeat attitude and the Horseshoe Bend way to "get 'er done."

Watch this short video of Shelby's "bell and gavel" and I think you will agree that she is a PNW District Optimist member through and through. 

If you live in the Horseshoe Bend area and want to be involved in the community, please join the Optimist Club. Click here to send an email and let them know you want to learn more or join.  Thank you. 

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