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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Optimist International helps make membership maintenance a breeze

The system that Optimist International has in place with online reports is awesome!  Every time a club makes a roster adjustment (CRA) online, I get an alert in my inbox.  Not only do I get the alert, but the information is then placed in a spreadsheet that I can access online.  So if you add a member, delete a member, or update a member's contact information with Optimist International, all of district leadership has that information at their fingertips immediately. 

The same is true when you file your Club Officer Elect Report (COER) and your Presidents Pride Report online.  This means that we no longer need to maintain multiple databases. 

With such a useful resource in place, it makes sense that we use it.  One of the primary reasons that we pay membership dues is so that the organization can provide member services.  Membership maintenance is the most basic of all services.  If the organization cannot communicate with its members, there is a problem. 

And with that plug for using the Online Reports system, I also want to tell you about what I found in my inbox today.  President April Opoien added 6 new members to the Lebanon Optimist Club.  Please join me in welcoming:
  • Shawna Warner
  • Heather Search
  • Jason Sii
  • Doug Phillips
  • Ryan Noss
  • Jolene Watson. 
Thank you for joining and thank you to their sponsors for helping the Lebanon Optimist Club provide more service to more children in their community.   And thanks also to Optimist International for allowing me access to the online membership database and reporting system.

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