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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Start an Optimist Club this summer

Summer is here! One thing I've noticed about Optimist Clubs, especially in the PNW, is there is a big rush of activity in May and then a quiet lull for the first few weeks of summer as the children leave school, parents plan vacations, and we settle into a new routine.

This is the perfect time to start an Optimist Club! Why do you ask? Because it is a time when we can best display our need. Parents want their kids to do something fruitful for the summer months and Optimists provide positive programs for children.

Consider a starting an Optimist Club in your neighborhood subdivision. Your new club could hold recreation days in the park for kids to shoot hoops and play. Your new club might get the children involved in a neighborhood clean-up program or volunteer to walk dogs for residents who are away at work during the day. Your new Optimist Club could host a neighborhood garage sale or car wash for fund raisers. Or think about this activity and fund raiser all in one: plant a community garden!

Think how a new Optimist Club in your subdivision would boost neighborhood pride, friendships and fun. Visit http://www.newoptimistclub.com/ to find out how to get started today.

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