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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keep the momentum going in your Optimist Club

What is the busiest time of the year for your Optimist Club? It seems that many clubs are especially active during the Christmas holidays and then again in April and May as we near the end of the school year. What happens next? Is there a bit of a lull while members take vacations and adjust to a new routine?

At the District level, our service doubles during the summer months. It is really a unique time as there are two administration teams in place ready to help your club succeed. The veteran team has been serving you all year long. Those lieutenant governors and district chairpersons have been there for you, ready and able to answer your questions and your district officers have hopefully been inspiring you to success.

In May, we elected a new team of lieutenant governors and in your clubs, you have elected new officers for the 2009-2010 administrative year. Let’s call them the rookie team. Our rookie team is full of fresh energy and ideas. No one has told them it can’t be done so be sure to include them in the final months of this administrative year so there is constant energy and enthusiasm for what we do as Optimists.

Attend the PNW District Convention
Right now is an exciting time for your Optimist Club and the PNW District. We replenish and reenergize ourselves and I have found that the best way to refuel our Optimistic spirit is by attending the PNW District Convention. The convention is being held in Boise Idaho, August 20-22, 2009 at the Doubletree Riverside. Some highlights include:

Thursday - For those who arrive early, you can choose to golf or take a jet-boat exploration through the Snake River Canyon and the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. In the evening we will welcome International President Designate Mark Shriver IV and his spouse and first lady Patricia McKay, M.D. during our opening session and meet our candidates for governor-elect for 2010-2011.

Friday – Newly elected officers will receive training. There are special sessions all day for presidents-elect, secretary/treasurers-elect and lieutenant governors-elect. It is important for you to attend these sessions even if you have been an officer before. There are new ideas, new promotions and new ways of looking at things. Nothing is off-limits for discussion. A new year of transparency and communication begins here! Spouses and guests may enjoy a trip to the Idaho Botanical Garden and in the evening we will all travel to the Boise Noon Optimist Football Complex for our annual Optimist District barbecue.

Saturday – Start off the day with a flashback to the ‘50s. You won’t know if you want to eat or dance when the jukebox starts playing your favorite songs and then we’ll jitterbug right into our District Board Meeting where we elect our governor-elect for 2010-2011 and a third team of enthusiastic Optimists join in our administration to make us strong and our service continuous. There will be more opportunities for networking and learning throughout the day before we head into the Governor’s Banquet and installation of officers for our coming year.

It is a bittersweet moment when our convention comes to a close. We are both happy and sad for it marks the passing of another year. We are so blessed as Optimists that we mark our time with service and gratitude. Please don’t miss this time that we share together. Join us in Boise for this very positive time of transition.

Register online for the PNW District Optimist Convention now.
Picture: Cindi Wall, President of the Boise Noon Optimist Club can't wait to welcome you to Boise.

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