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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Optimist Club benefits from prominent spokesperson

Have you ever heard of Jeffrey M. Leib? Neither had I until I came across this interview, but people in W. Bloomfield, Michigan know and respect him. Mr. Leib is an attorney and among his many accomplishments, he was also the first president and a founding member of the Optimist Club of W. Bloomfield, Michigan in 1971.

This post, however, is not about Mr. Leib. It is about what it takes to get your Optimist Club recognized in your community. Our Optimist Clubs perform fabulous projects, but only sometimes do our newspapers take notice. One sure way to get your Optimist Club noticed is to garner the endorsement of a prominent citizen. That endorsement means even more when they speak about our cause - Optimist Clubs - with passion.

Take the Jeffrey M. Leib interview for example. With 1.5 pages devoted to the purposes and projects of Optimist Clubs and the positive impact they have on youth, it is easy to see how an Optimist Club makes a difference. Add in the story of Mr. Leib's active community involvement and you can see how Optimist Clubs have always been a priority in his life. If I were a reader, I would want to be involved with such a cause. How about you?

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