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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Learning the Optimist Lexicon

Have you ever noticed the glazed over look on the faces of the new members in your club when you start talking about CFR, Zones, Honor Club, Governor, Lt. Governor, CPA, CRA and the many other words that fall naturally into the language of the veteran Optimist Club member? Some that have been around ten years or more can even be confused and I have to admit myself, I had no idea what the President's Pride report was until I took a few minutes to look it up online at optimistleaders.org.

Club presidents and bulletin editors, this message is especially for you! Let's help our members learn the lingo. Let's start talking about and writing about all of those words that are unique to Optimist International and service in our Optimist Club. Jean Jensen, editor of the Gresham Optigraph is one step ahead of us. In the March edition she explains a few club and district keywords. What a great tool for new and veteran members alike!

Here's a quick start on your own Optimist dictionary:
  • CFR: Club Foundation Representative - A person appointed by the president of an Optimist Club to encourage charitable giving to the Optimist International Foundation.
  • CPA: Community Projects Award program - A scrapbook that outlines a program or project conducted by an Optimist Club. It includes a step-by-step plan, budget and pictures of the project and is submitted to the District for awards purposes. Most important it stays in the Club's library for the next chairman to use for the project.
  • CRA: Club Roster Adjustment - a form completed by the Club Secretary/Treasurer to add or delete members or to update members' contact information.
  • Governor: The Chief Elected Official of the District.
  • Honor Club: A recognition given to Optimist Clubs for administrative excellence and club growth in membership and service. Honor Club status means your club is serving your community with an expectation of service extending into the future.
  • Lt. Governor: The locally elected official representing a zone.
  • Zone: Clubs that are grouped together in a geographic region.
  • President's Pride Report: Your Club's annual report that summarizes everything that has been accomplished during the year.
Questions? You can find out more at http://www.optimistleaders.org/.

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