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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be a part of a worldwide movement to bring out the best in kids. Ask me how!

This is my 100th post to the PNW District Optimist Blog! Hooray! That means there has been a lot of positive activities that benefit kids around the the world, but especially in British Columbia, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Thank you to all of our Optimist Clubs for all that you do.

I have found out that we, as Optimist Club members, do a lot of word of mouth advertising of our activities. Given the chance, we'll talk about our projects and the positive impact our activities have on our communities until the cows come home. If you give us an opening, we'll even tell you how much fun we have as members. ,

This post is about how you might create that opening. You can create a passive marketing opportunity every time you send an email just by adding a line below your signature such as "You can be a part of the worldwide movement to bring out the best in kids. Ask me how."

Here is one way to add a signature line in MS Outlook:

  • Choose "Create new message"

  • In the toolbar of the new message dialogue box choose "Insert"

  • From the drop down menu choose "Signature"

  • In the signature dialogue box choose "New"

  • Write your signature and choose "Save"
    Choose default signature for "New messages" if you want your signature on every message you send

  • Click on "Save" and "Ok" to return to the create new message window

Click on the illustrations to enlarge.

Thanks to Steve Andersen, Immediate Past Governor for the suggestion.

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