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Friday, January 2, 2009

An Optimist wishes you Success

Oprah Winfrey was showing a pragmatic view when she welcomed the new year saying, "Cheers to the new year. It's another chance to get it right."

Some of our Optimist Clubs have gotten it right. How do I know? They have consistently earned the distinction of honor club.

Some of our Optimist Clubs have gotten part of it right. They have consistently served their communities without being acknowledged by a higher authority.

And then there are others who struggle from lack of manpower, financial challenges, and inconsistent public relations within their communities. These Optimist Clubs put themselves out there every year in hopes of getting it right.

This is my new year's wish to each kind of Optimist Club. Keep trying. Keep positive. Keep evolving. Keep inspiring others with your drive. I wish you success. Welcome to 2009!

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