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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why do Optimist Clubs have Bulletins?

Some people prefer to call them newsletters, but many Optimist Clubs cling to the term bulletin for obvious reasons. A bulletin is a regular missive that tells you what is going to happen. A newsletter usually tells you what has happened. A bulletin arrives in a timely enough manner that you can participate. A newsletter arrives after the fact so that you find out what you missed.

So what's the best solution? How about a little of both.

Make your club bulletin a call to action. Invite people to participate in whatever is happening: club meetings, club fund raisers and club projects; and tell them how to do so. Include phone numbers and email addresses. Don't forget to give directions to the activity, tell them where to park and what day and time to be there.

Make your club bulletin a promotional tool. In newsletter fashion, be sure to tell your readers what happened, who participated, and what they missed by not being involved. Create excitement for the next time your club gathers for an activity.

Make your club bulletin available. Post it online, send it via email and offer to send it through regular mail. Don't be stingy with your mailing list. Include everyone that might benefit from knowing what your club is doing. That includes non-members too!

Looking for some ideas for your club bulletin? Visit http://www.pnwoptimist.org/Bulletins.php and become inspired.

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