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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PNW Optimists hold first quarter meeting

It is an unofficial opinion, but this writer believes the Flintstones and Rubbles should be named as honorary Optimists of the PNW District. We know that they already belong to the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo, but inclusion and partnerships can only take our clubs that much further by giving us more hands to serve our community.

Diversity, partnerships, unity and progress were the themes for the First Quarter PNW Optimist District Meeting in Gig Harbor, WA. Governor Peter Smith presided over his first meeting as District Governor. Vice President Tommy Vaughn smiled, cajoled and inspired the group to ask questions, but work together. Governor-elect Linda Jackson reminded everyone that we were on this journey together. And the Leadership Development Team of Ed Murphy, Jean Jensen, and Linda Jackson offered tips and tools for leaders, members, and members aspiring to be leaders. A great start to a great year!

Shown above are Dr. Tom Hammond, Trenna Garcia, Sue Thompson, and Bill Garcia of the Bedrock...err... the Meridian Optimist Club.

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