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Thursday, November 15, 2018

An incentive to recruit more teachers

pnw optimist clubs membership offer
Does $30 sound like a good price point to encourage someone to try out an Optimist Club?

Optimist International thinks so and that is why it has announced that the Recruit A Teacher for $30 remains in effect for the administrative year October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019.

Just like the $30 for under 30 program, the Recruit a Teacher incentive allows a new member to join for a flat rate. There are no processing fees and in the PNW District, there are no additional district dues. Teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, and others who work in the school system, may join for only $30 for the first year of membership.

Adding teachers or school personnel to an Optimist Club's roster is a boost to a local club's programming options. It gives a direct contact for the Scholarship Programs and informs the club of appropriate times, locations, and other teachers with whom to connect to expand the reach of the Optimist Club. Additionally, it might just provide the needed insight to start a Junior Optimist Club and help your club serve even more children.

Please click on the image to get the details for the Recruit a Teacher program then head on over to your closest school and start recruiting. Now. Thank you.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

An incentive to recruit young professionals

pnw optimist clubs 30
Every Optimist Club should plan for growth. Adding new members to our clubs is how we accomplish our mission of bringing out the best in youth, our communities, and ourselves. New members bring ideas, energy, and even more new members. All together, they generate the funding that is needed to operate our programs and share optimism with the world.

The Optimist International Membership Committee has created a membership recruitment calendar that it recommends be used to target individuals each month. This month, for November, the suggestion is to recruit young professionals.

Furthermore, it recommends using the popular "30 and under for $30" program.

What is it?

The $30 under 30 program lets Optimist Clubs add members who are 30 years of age or younger to their club roster for only $30 for the first year. There are no administration fees and no district dues to be paid for the new members who are added under this program. Please click to enlarge the photo to learn more.

The incentive allows young adult members to experience the positive force of an Optimist Club without a financial impact. Our hope is they renew at the end of the first year, and for many years to follow.

Please add this resource to your Optimist Club's membership recruitment plan and help Optimist International make a difference in your community for another 100 years.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It's time to come home

We typically share a membership recruitment and retention tip on Facebook on the second Saturday of the month. This tip has such a great offer from Optimist International that we couldn't wait. We had to share today!

Membership retention and recruitment tip #63: Welcome past members with open arms. 

homecoming optimist club memberTimes change and so do the commitments and interests of those who once belonged to your Optimist Club. It’s important to always keep the door open for your past members to return. 

Unless they asked to be removed, keep them on a special event mailing list and touch base with them occasionally to see how they are doing. Ask past members to help with projects that were interesting to them and to attend social activities with the group. 

In time, some may ask to rejoin. Don’t be pushy, but don’t be afraid to ask them to return. You never know when the time is right for them to say, “Yes!” 

Right now, through September 30, 2019, it’s even easier with the special Homecoming offer from Optimist International. Past members can rejoin ANY Optimist Club for only $30.00. Now that's a membership recruitment and retention tip worth sharing with all.